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Eduardo Paredes


Law Office of

Eduardo Paredes

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With over a decade of experience representing clients in criminal cases, Attorney Eduardo Paredes is able to represent you in your criminal state court throughout the state of California or in federal criminal cases before the United States District Court.


A criminal conviction can:


1.    Cause you to lose your employment;


2.    Cause loss of social security disability benefits;


3.    Result in your deportation and permanent

        exclsion from the United States (for non-



4.    Cause you to lose your right to own firearms;


5.     Require your life-time registration as a convict;


6.     Subject you to legal search and seizures 

         anywhere at anytime;


7.    Affect child custody issues.


With so much at stake, you need competent legal representation immediately.  The county has a team of deputy district attorneys working against you, why shouldn't you be represented? 


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